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Everything You Wanted to Know About NECROMUNDA ASH WASTES NUCLEAR MUTIE and Were Too Embarrassed to Ask.

Necromunda Ash Wastes Nuclear Mutie I love Necromunda. Ever since I saw that bare-chested beefcake roaring into gunfire from the original boxed set I knew I had found a home. It’s a fascinating world to explore. It’s the closest thing we have to WArhammer40K’s satirical roots and provides a fantastic backdrop to tell your own…
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A Tale of Heresy Gamers. Part 2: Best laid plans.

What is the Tale of Heresy Gamers challenge? This is the Warlord’s journey. The path of power, or of ruin. We’ll be charting army selection, choice of units, painting woes and victories! We’ll be capturing every triumph and misfortune of coming to grips with a new system and a new force. This will be a series…
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Lucius the Faultless Blade – HORUS HERESY UNBOXING

Lucius the Faultless Blade Price: £33 – Forge World Character series.  Lucius, the Faultless blade joins the cast of the Horus Heresy with this stunning miniature. Let’s look a the components of the sculpt.  All items are cleanly cast, crisp and well defined. We have echoes of the armour seen in Visions of Heresy with…
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Who, or what were 30K Blackshields? HORUS HERESY

30K Blackshields “I shall not be by him imprinted, nor by his sin disfigured.“  Inscription acid-etched into the armour of unnamed “Blackshield” Legionary The term “Blackshield” was an umbrella term for the myriad of factions that sprung up during the Age of Darkness – the interim period of civil conflict between the massacres at Istvaan and the…
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The Forgeworld Book that Never was. Casan Sabius & Sirae Karagon.

Casan Sabius & Sirae Karagon Casan Sabius is renowned among the Red Scorpions as a formidable strategist and swordsman. When Lord High Commander Culln fell in combat against the Great Beast of Sarum, it was to Casan that the Chapter turned. Sabius took command of the Chapter fleet, enacting a strategy of disengagement from the…
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JAPANESE EXCLUSIVE Red Scorpions Tactical Squad.

Red Scorpions Tactical Squad An uncompromising and steadfast Chapter, the Red Scorpions have, in their five thousand standard years of recorded history, always been ready to stand in the defense of the Imperium, fight those who endanger it and punish those who betray it. Unusually for a Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, the Red Scorpions are fanatically loyal…
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Why you really need Red Scorpions Terminators to Storm Badab.

Red Scorpions Terminators The Red Scorpions Chapter of Space Marines is a fleet-based Chapter of unknown Founding and lineage known to be composed of conservative Imperial purists who believe in the Emperor’s divinity without question. These Astartes are famed for their complete and utter devotion to Imperial military and religious doctrine, past the point where pragmatism or even reason would seem to require otherwise. The Chapter is most renowned…
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2 EASY ways to fill SPACE MARINE Shoulder gaps.

2 EASY ways to fill SPACE MARINE Shoulder gaps. INFURIATING! Aren’t they? What a callous place to place the gap! Well, this video will give you 2 EASY techniques to cover it up. SUBSCRIBE FOR ALL NEW VIDEOS AND LIVE STREAMS

Thule Nestra, The Last of the Thunder Warriors.

Thule, the Last of the Thunder-Warriors. The Legio Cataegis (or Thunder Warriors in low gothic) were genetically-engineered, superhuman warriors created Emperor of Mankind to reunify Terra. Through alchemical augmentation, somatic gene-sculpting, and muscle-grafting techniques, the Legio Catagis were the first stumbling steps to what the Astartes would become. Savage children, born of blood – an all-consuming…
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A Tale of Heresy Gamers. Part 1: Gathering the Warlords.

A Tale of Heresy Gamers It’s the dawn of a new age. Horus Heresy 2.0 is upon us. And as night follows day A TALE OF 30K GAMERS is created. Yes, yes, we all get this madness in us at the start of a new edition, but this time it’s different. We’re actaully going to follow…
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