Chaos Possessed – Black and Gold Ascended

Among the many malevolent forces that seek to dominate the stars, few are as feared and awe-inspiring as the Chaos Space Marines of the Black Legion. These warriors of chaos have embraced the dark powers of the warp and are often possessed by malevolent entities, transforming them into the dreaded Chaos-Possessed Marines.

The Black Legion, once known as the Luna Wolves, are now a force of darkness and corruption under the command of the infamous Warmaster Abaddon. It is within their ranks that the chaos-possessed Marines, bearing the weight of otherworldly entities, unleash unimaginable horrors upon the galaxy. These beings, once loyal Space Marines, have willingly surrendered their souls to the capricious whims of the warp, becoming instruments of destruction unlike any other.

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The process of becoming a chaos-possessed Marine is a twisted and nightmarish journey. As these warriors delve deeper into the forbidden knowledge of the warp, they expose themselves to the chaotic energies that reside there. Some willingly invite possession, seeking to gain power beyond mortal comprehension. Others are overtaken by malevolent entities in the heat of battle, their bodies becoming vessels for dark forces.

The result is a grotesque fusion of man and daemon, where flesh is twisted and corrupted into monstrous forms. Limbs elongate, bones snap and reform and eyes burn with an unholy fire. Yet, for all the physical deformities, the true power of the chaos-possessed Marines lies in their mastery of psychic abilities. They can warp reality itself, summoning daemonic entities, and hurling destructive energies with a mere thought.

These creatures are the embodiment of chaos, wielding their newfound powers with ruthless efficiency. They are harbingers of doom, descending upon the battlefield like avatars of destruction. Their presence alone can inspire terror in the hearts of even the bravest foes, for they are beings of pure malevolence.

In the eternal war of the 41st millennium, the chaos-possessed Marines of the Black Legion stand as a testament to the horrifying depths of corruption and power that can be reached by those who embrace the dark forces of chaos. They are living nightmares, born of despair and madness, and they are a force to be reckoned with in the war-torn galaxy.

The Gal Vorback are the BEST possessed sculpt ever made. They appear in nearly every Chaos army that can take them and have only been supplemented by the excellent plastics. But why are they such successful sculpts? It has to do with a common problem found in the Chaos Marine line – some sculpts are simply derpy.

Taken from

How am I meant to be scared of that? The paint job is spot on, but the sculpt? It’s a common problem found throughout the early sculpts of the Chaos Space Marines. The horned helmets, the leopard print fur, the grinning damon faces and bulging growths – none of it is threatening.

It is cool in a hair-metal way, but it doesn’t strike the say sinister cord that the possessed should evoke. That’s why the Gal Vorbak works so well for me. They are monstrous incarnations of cruel gods.

When painting Black Legion you need to nail 2 elements – the Black and the Gold. You can fall into a trap here, observing each model in isolation. When you create a force, all that Black and Gold can look so boring. The Gal Vorbak offers an opportunity to inject some much-needed colour – so take it!

If you’d like to learn how to paint these a tutorial for the black, gold trim and osl glow is available now:

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