Lucifer, First of the Host. Chapter Master of the Blood Angels M31.

Lucifer First of the Host Chapter master of the Blood Angles Chapter
M31. The Blood Angels stand on the brink of extinction. The painful reformation of the Legions coupled with the horrendous casualties sustained by the IXth during the Heresy saw them unfit for battlefield duty for a full century after the Siege of Terra. With the baffling disappearance of Azkellon, the natural successor of Saguinius, the chapter fell to a series of commanders who quizzically remain anonymous in the annals of Imperial History. If we were to peek behind the pages of history, into the hidden histories of the Blood Angels we would learn that four Chapter Masters succumbed in quick succession to the Black Rage. It was believed the Chapter was cursed, punished for their failure to save their Angelic Father at Terra, censured for their failure to protect their spiritual creator – The Emperor. 

The Red Priests, precursors to the Sanguinary Priests order, turned in desperation to the locked Sarcophagi of the restful dead. Therein they found the Nephillim, a band of warriors so ravaged physically and mentally by the War on Terra that they were honoured with the Perpetua una Dormienda seal – never to be awakened from their eternal rest. Lucifer was chosen as the ninth Chapter Master of the Blood Angels. 

Lucifer awoke wrathful of the changes wrought to his legion. He felt castrated by Guilliman, betrayed by Azkellon and felt the traditions upon which the Great Crusade were founded to be eroded. Lucifer instigated a series of changes that would re-unite the fractured chapters into a cohesive Legion once more (called “The Host” in the annals of Imperial history).  Re-calling The Devourers, Chalice Bearers and [REDACTED] folding them into the Blood Angels once again,r5t Lucifer put the resurgent Legion on a war footing once again. These changes did not go unnoticed by the new agencies of the Imperium and would culminate in the disastrous Cavaderrera Campaign. 

A derisive figure in the history of the Adeptus Astrates, Lucifer was one of the few links back to the mythical days of the Great Crusade. When he awoke, the Universe was devoid of Primarchs, The Emperor spoke but infrequently and always through the medium of the newly formed Council of Terra which many believed to be a flawed vessel of authority. The Astrates withdrew from the coalescing organizations of Imperial bureaucracy, preserving something of their traditions in the upheaval that would later be known as ‘The Scouring”. Devoid of meaningful doctrine outside of War, for this new age man turned to old ways, and sought new Gods in the void. Religion would sweep the Imperium and bind it against the terrors of the Universe – but which doctrine would prevail? 

The Angelus Ocrea is an eight pinioned pet pack that is capable of astounding levels of velocity without the loss of mid-flight maneuverability. This rig also acts as a life support system enabling the ravaged figure of Lucifer to take the field of battle. 

Lucifer wields the reconstituted Spear of Telesto, the original wielded by the Primarch destroyed at Terra. Lucifer also bears a laurel wreath, a symbolic link to the Angel and his methods of war. Upon learning of a newly found human world Sanguinius upon would offer a wreath in one hand and a sword in the other to the ruling elite. Like the existence of the Blood Angels themselves, Sangiunius offered annihilation or peace – there are no alternatives left in the Imperium. 

Well, this has been quite a journey. I started a Blood Angel force when I first started blogging and like many projects, I start I didn’t feel my skills were up to realising my vision for the commander. The Caverrera campaign has obsessed me for years and I find the early part of M31. to be the most fascinating period in all of Imperial History. I wanted to explore the emergence of religion on a galactic scale. What ideas would persist? Which would be persecuted? I imagine the head at his feet is some forgotten god of a nameless pantheon. 

 I wanted Lucifer to be the avenging angel, the annihilator of religion as was his original mandate in the Crusading Legions. I also wanted him to be an anachronism. The ideals which he and his brother fought for are gone – he is at odds with the current narrative imperial history is taking, culminating in the vicious reign of Vandire. His armour is ancient, even by Astartes standards, having being constructed in the Dark Epoch of technology. He is a metal model which in itself will be a curiosity in the years to come. 

I painted Lucifer in true metallics, shading the gold with purples, blues, reds and greens. I decided to paint the wings in faux NMM to frame the metallic armour adding contrast to the piece. 

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