The Triumph of Ultramar. Leviathan Dreadnought Triumvirate.

The friend makers.

Special commissions come in once in a while here, and this certainly meets that criteria. The brief; paint 3 Leviathan Dreadnoughts that embodied the spirit of Heresy era Ultramarines. From the outset, we knew the XIIIth had a visual language set in Roman-Greco mythos. A direct historical translation wouldn’t sit right as the Ultramarines draw from both these and other time periods without apology.

After sketching out some initial ideas we settled on the premise that the interred warriors would be past Tetrachs, and each coffin-carapace would tell a story of Guilliman’s Triumph over the realms of Ultramar. We’ll be exploring Each Leviathan in turn in an upcoming series of articles. But for now, enjoy the full 4K video tutorial series and PDF on both these models and the Ultramarine legion as a whole!

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