Blood Angel Librarian Mkani Kano

Details of this character are few and far between. Even though he features quite prominently in Fear To Tread, hard details like armour mark, skin colour, armament are all absent. This depiction is Mkani at Terra, drained of all life and vitality and hope. This is the last act of defiance before he meets his end (I have no idea if he dies at Terra, but that was the scene I had in my head).

The Librarius and the IXth

It’s hinted that the Librarius played a much more significant role within the legion in Wraight’s excellent Warhawk of Chogoris, than has been touched upon previously. Sanguinius is the prime sponsor of the program, extolling its merits to the sympathetic ears of Magnus and the Khan. Why is this?

Between the Sanguinary Priesthood stabilizing those who presented the flaw, and the Librarius who are able to rectify the psychic fall out, the of IXth were kept sound. However, he cannot reveal this as the motivating factor for the Librarius as he fears the destruction of his legion.

I will not have a third empty plinth beneath the roof of the Haegemon as my Legion’s only memorial

Fear To Tread. James Swallow

Kano is chief confident to the deepest secret of the legion: that for all of their blessings, for all their beauty, they are cursed beings on the cusp of oblivion, or worse.

The skin tone is drained to a bone white/green to emphasize his deteriorating state. He has survived the terrors of Signus, counseled the Angel on the most troubling aspects of the IXth and now sees the end of all in the onslaught of the traitors advance. The armour is battered, using a stippling brush to create micro-fractures that are only revealed in the mid-tone. The fine livery was taken from the Blood Angel decal sheet, embellished with Legio Krytos iconography. The glowing magenta hue was created by airbrushing white then Scale 75’s Fuschia. The colour harmony of the model is kept in balance between the base, hand, axe and eyes, creating a pleasing diamond of interest points.

The basis for this conversion comes from the Red Scorpion Command Set with the arms from Magister Severin Loth. The death’s heads fit the theme of the Librarius administering the flawed souls of killers in the guise of angels.

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