World Eaters Red Butchers Commission

Even amongst the broken children of the XIIth, there walked a brotherhood of warriors so lost to rage that all grace of humanity had fled. Whatever they had been, butchers, monsters, warrior prophets, all was lost on the black sands of Isstvan III. Even the fraternity of the damned had been robbed from them by the nails.

Gods and Monsters. A study of the damned and those who took arms against the Emepror and His domains. Albred Halchbendt

From sculpt to lore, the Red Butchers have to be one of the coolest units in the entire game! Warriors so beserk that they have to be restrained from battle to battle hung from hooks inside the decks of Legion ships. They are encased in Cataphractii plate to weight them down and make them easy to control outside of battle – protection of the tormented soul within is a secondary consideration!

The armour plate was painted in dirty hues of bone and light browns to represent the once lustre, dulled with overuse. Pure white was used to accent the top plates, with a contrasting cold tone of grey/glue glazed in the shadows to differentiate the from the white of the Scars and Deathguard. The blue used is exactly the same as my Ultramarines – a visual link to Angron’s birth world laying within the domains of Ultramar.

If you would like to paint your Red Butchers like this check out the PDF below (there’s also a Delvarus series on the page already! Let the nails bite).

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