Raldoron Archien of Wisdom, Blood Angel First Captain. Commission.

Raldoron was the first captain of the Blood Angels Legion during the Heresy. Conflicting reports have either Azkaellon, Belarius, or Raldoron then go on to become the first master of the newly established Blood Angel chapter.

I’ve had this character described to me as the perfect blend of the IXth’s rage and solemnity. He’s a hard character to like, as he doesn’t display much charisma. Black Library at the outset of the Heresy had a horrible habit of equating the Loyalist faction with characters who were in love with their duty. Effective battlefield commanders, yes, interesting to read, well, that’s for you to decide.

I have few qualms with the sculpt itself, it’s a solid model. The carmine armour plate was painted in the modern, magenta leaning crimson rather than the classic Blood Angel’s Orange. The shadows have been glazed with a dark violet to retain interest without resorting to pure black. The highlights – ok, let’s keep this for the regulars. Answer below what highlights I’ve used. I want to make sure you’ve been paying attention.

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