Deathguard Fellglaive Commission

The Deathuguard are wonderful, aren’t they? They allow you to try every weathering technique the lord made, all on the same vehicle!

This piece was a testbed for the Weathering Masterclass series to show how to create these effects on a large surface. The series will expand to encompass all original legions with the subtle nuances between weathering the polished armour of the Emperor’s Children and the matte black of the Raven Guard. However, all of these will be variations on the master template developed below.

I want to answer all of those questions that bugged the hell out of me when I first started to develop my own weathering practices. How do you use oils? Will they ruin the paint? How do you use an airbrush to modulate colour? How to you apply weathering powder, and how do I seal it?

Click on the link below and enjoy the start of your weathering journey. There’s a free welcome pack to download and get you going.

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