Keruvim, Crimson Paladins. Blood Angels Horus Heresy Terminators.

It is an observed curio of the IXth that an Astartes regulary commits himself to the Sacrophigi of their creation between battles. Towering edifices resplendent with the IXth gilded artifice, these coffin wombs aid in the optimisation of the incumbent’s inner chemistry, purifying the blood, aiding in the regeneration of old wounds. It is little wonder that the Blood Angels appear unscarred, even when prosecuting the bloodiest, most hard-fought compliances.

However, this does leave IXth legion vessels particularly vulnerable to boarding actions. The Keruvim, or Crimson Paladins in low Gothic, are the grim counterpoint to the Sanguinary Guard. Their role is to act as guardians to their brethren, stationed to vital areas within the fleet, and to protect the estates of the Great Angel himself.

To be gifted a host of Keruvim is a great honour for they act on the direct behest of Sanguinius. To be charged with a host is to be an agent of his will, and by extension, to protect the body Imperial in the direst of circumstances.

Numbering the Host. Imperial Archivist Heirro Boscht.

These are my personal Keruvim. I bought these miniatures at the last weekender (hopefully not THE last weekender) and knew pretty early on how I wanted to approach them. Gold armour, with a crimson sash.

There were a few details such as the ptruges (the leather straps) and shoulder guards I wanted to customise. The Emperor’s Children line has been plundered for years to create my army and the Phoenix spears pauldrons gave a more ornate look to the Cataphractii plate.

The gold is my Custodes recipe that can be found on the Patreon. The shadows were locked in place using inks and matte paint white gold washes were overlapped to create a satisfying shine no matter the angle you look at the miniature.

My host is set at Terra, during the height of the siege. The marble base was created using the impression I took from cheap Christmas statues I found in a pound shop. Dolls houses also offer a wonderful resource for this scale, and with the advent of 3-D printing, getting these parts has never been easier.

I’ve used this unit once in a Zone Mortalis game. I think this is the best place for them as their limited unit size and 1W makes them vulnerable to the mass firepower of open warfare in the 31st millennium. It’s not a unit I imagine using too often, but as a Blood Angel collector, I needed at least one unit in my force. I haven’t decided what freehand I wou.d like to add to the banner, so for the moment it’s staying blank. Any suggestions are warmly welcomed!

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