Abaddon the Despoiler, Warmaster of Chaos. Commission

“From Shame and Shadow recast, in Black and Gold reborn”

Black Legion mantra.

There are few characters who are as important Warhammer lore as Abaddon. He has been through several iterations, from the greatest threat to the Imperium to the ineffective armless general moniker meme culture bridled him with.

Abaddon stands at the top of the wheel at the turn of the 41st Millenium. A being whose wroth has split the universe asunder. A general who has reforged a legion of warriors in the shared ideal of Vindicta. A seeker for truth with golden eyes that see all.

My first encounter with him was in White Dwarf where Andy Chambers makes an off-hand comment about a Chaos Lord doing quite well against an Ork Warband while playtesting what would become the second edition Chaos codex. Abaddon deep struck with a cadre of terminators, assassinating a troublesome warboss. Even from such humble beginnings, the thrust to the throat of the enemy was the preferred method of warfare by the Despoiler.

This miniature is quite a bit larger than his Forge World counterpart and positively towers over the original. Jes Godwin’s iconic sculpt has aged superbly (no, I won’t hear any counter-arguments, it’s still an awesome sculpt) and set the iconography for the entire Chaos Marine range from then on. The snarling faceplates, the horns, the brutalist, lumbering weight of those spikes adorning their plate. All of this was stripped back for his 30K incarnation.

A previous commission piece. Simon really captured the brutal energy of this character.

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