Legio Praesagius Warhounds commission.

There can be no greater hatred than the one reserved for traitors to your own kind. They are just like us, except in every way that matters.

– Princeps Ultima Dae Vergos, Legio Praesagius, The Crusade of Iron.

The noble scions of Legio Praesagius, or the True Messengers, were a titan legion closely associated with the Ultramarines Legion. Almost completely destroyed during the Word Bearer’s Betrayal, the might of the Legio has never truly recovered.

The first Titan painted for Titanicus was for this legio. I had developed a technique to recreate marble techniques on a small scale and the carapaces of the Titan were perfect to implement it on.

The classic cool white marble, saturated blue, and gold trim is a wonderful combination and creates an eye-catching legio on the battlefield. The power feeds and baceling were created with magenta flu to really make them pop!

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