Space Wolf Army Commission.

“Street by street and block by block

we’ll sweep them out. There are

snipers on the rooftops and the

underpass is heavily mined. It’s going

to be dangerous, it’s going to be fun.”

Lord Varrn, Wolf Lord.

Before each commission we have a conversation with the client and work up a design brief. We thought it would be fun to recap the ideas that went into this project so you can see the outcome. This commission had a few keystone design points.

1. An eye for realism.

The wolves can look a little cartoony. The baby blue armour and abundance of wolf pelts can make the miniatures caricatures. We settled on a desaturated scheme with little edge highlighting. We wanted these models to look like apex predators prowling the stars. They wear their scars proudly.

2. Iconography.

The majority of this company hails from a fishing community on Fenris. They espouse fluid warfare with a single overwhelming strike to break the enemy. The cool palette of the grey is a reflection of the sea.

3. Urban environment.

In contrast to this, we have the red sodden earth. We wanted a shattered urban environment, ruined by orbital bombardment. The Wolves are the cleansing tide that will sweep away resistance.

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