Kingdom Death Goblin Guard. Commission piece.

Commission painting is a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’m known for painting Space Marines, especially Heresy era Legions. I own a large Blood Angel force, which led to more Blood Angel commissions and more Heresy jobs. So you can see how the cycle is set.

The Goblin Guard comes from the Kingdom Death range that has an endlessly fascinating art style. It’s a clash of anime, historic, Western and Eastern horror, with the occasional dick or tit thrust to the fore. Check out the models for yourself – it’s a rabbit hole.

I was commissioned to paint this limited edition Goblin Guard (perversely enough, at a Horus Heresy event!) The client wanted the piece to reflect the source art as much as possible, and thus the challenge was set. How do you translate the original monotone piece onto a 3-d miniature?

The above image is unfortunately the only studio picture I have of this piece. The images have vanished into the ether with only WIP’s and a short video remaining. There is however a rather hefty tutorial that will be made available via the Patreon in July 2020.

My hope is that this miniature will start a new cycle. If you have collector’s pieces in your collection that need a lick of paint please get in touch. I’d love to add more of these weirdo’s to my portfolio.


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