House Vyridion: Acastus Knight Porphyrion Commission

‘If I breathe, I am unbeaten. If I fight, I am unbroken.’

Master of Mankind, ADB.

House Vyridion was born by necessity. In the savage years that marked the Age of Darkness, loyalists ran along uncertain lines. Refugees of Knight houses pressed in the unwitting service of the Warmaster were treated not as honorable personages, but were instead thrown into the imperial dungeon.

When the last stand on Calastar was called, it was a newly formed house, garbed in the magisterial colours of the Imperial house itself, black, gold and crimson, that answered.

A lord of war that deserves its title. A surprisingly simple miniature to put together. Using a cool blue/grey for the majority of armour, we used warm gold to contrast it.

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