Cooking with Colour: A brush Masterclass.

My brushwork is quite unsystematic. I slam the paint on in all sorts of wats and leave each result to take care of itself.

Vincent Van Gogh

This two-part course attempts to cover the intangible qualities of good brushwork. This series includes a short Q&A from students developing their own brushwork alongside me with online tuition. We attempt to simplify the process, expand on the basics, and develop a rounded understanding of the subject.

This course covers:

  • The pressure of the brush stroke.
  • Layering best practices.
  • Glazing best practices.
  • Applying a basecoat.
  • Developing volumes and values.
  • Can paint be too thin?
  • Can paint be too thick?
  • How much paint do I need on my brush?

Miniature Painting Course Library.
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