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Hera Models Rei

REI, The Guard of Kings. Bust Painting Showcase.

Bust painting Hera Models – a showcase. Rei, the Guard of Kings was painted alongside an online student as an introduction to bust painting. Granted, this was a rather advanced introduction as he had the skill set to handle complex surfaces on 28mm models but had never transferred them to a larger surface. When approaching…
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How to paint miniatures with a brush – Lil’Legend Masterclass

How to paint miniatures with a brush – Lil’Legend Masterclass Series    How do I use the brush?  How thin should my paint be?  What’s the difference between a glaze and a wash? Do these questions sound familiar? This is the tutorial series for you.  Brushwork – our bane, our joy. This tutorial series takes…
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How to Paint Zardu Layak’s Black Armour Horus Heresy

How to Paint Zardu Layak. This tutorial delves into how we create texture on a black armoured surface. Zardu Layak from Forge World’s Horus Heresy range is the perfect miniature for this experiment. We explore the tension between structure and blending. How much visual noise should you build into your paint jobs? And how do…
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How to Paint Sons of Horus Masterclass Tutorial Course.

How to Paint Sons of Horus This is the comprehensive learning resource for the Sons of Horus. This Masterclass takes you through everything from creating that perfect Sons of Horus Green to the Warmaster himself. Tanks, Infantry, Primarch, this course covers the lot. This Masterclass series covers: The complete step by step of Horus Lupercal.…
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Cooking with Colour: A brush Masterclass.

My brushwork is quite unsystematic. I slam the paint on in all sorts of wats and leave each result to take care of itself. Vincent Van Gogh This two-part course attempts to cover the intangible qualities of good brushwork. This series includes a short Q&A from students developing their own brushwork alongside me with online…
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Tutorial: Illuminor Szeras.

Illuminor Szeras is the abominable intelligence that orchestrated biotransference. Damning an entire race to eternal undeath, Szeras now scours the living races to unravel a riddle long forgotten. This is the FULL video masterclass for Szeras the architect of biotransference. This video has been indexed to provide easy navigation with a full paint and equipment…
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Online Tuition: Brush Masterclass.

The cornerstone of any miniature painters repertoire; the brush stroke is the technique of masters and beginners alike. This module develops your understanding of how to use the brush to create different effects. This is the start of the journey that will take a lifetime to master. Subscribe to online tuition!

Online Tuition: Basics

Where do all the greatest stories start? At the beginning of course! We look a the fundamental practices that knock your painting into shape. We put you on the right road to walk down and develop yourself as an artist. From paint brushes, paintings and materials we discuss what suits you best. Subscribe to online…
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