Furnace Jackals: Goliath Beserker

There are many ways to make a life in the Hive.

You can trade the vanity of security. Swap glory for surety. Or you can walk the path of the strong.

When Necromunda was relaunched I painted up a Goliath gang. Nothing about them has ever really appealed to me in the past (more of a Spyre Hunter kind of guy) but our group was running a campaign and I had the models. Why not?

I didn’t think this would lead to my love affair with the House of Chains.

Through playing the campaign the models took on a personality. One of the champions of the gang saw the boss as weak. There was another Goliath gang in the campaign who fought like ‘proper’ Goliath’s. Zhargo (my gang boss) settled the matter one to one, removing the brainpan of his rival gang boss (who, weirdly, survived and went on to make a fine career for himself as a bouncer).

There was no rescuing that relationship though, and my champion decided to go freelance. The Berserker pictured is his replacement. Young, dumb, and full of violence, this cherry was picked from the industrial fighting pits of Cy-Thfa Iron smelting plants. The paint scheme uses a secondary light source to pick out details that would otherwise fall completely into shadow. A cool trick to show off details that would otherwise be lost.

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