Horus Heresy Blood Angels Chaplain comission.

“There is a mystical streak to many of the Blood Angels’ doctrines and also a strong belief that things can be changed for the better. After all, the process of transforming a scavenger into a tall, proud and handsome warrior is living proof of this tenet.”

Angels of Death Codex.

Chaplains and the heresy. Always a rocky subject.

The Heresy didn’t really have them (this statement has more than it’s a fair share of caveats). The chaplain was an inspiring figurehead, a leader who would inspire actions beyond what was expected of the superhuman talents of the Astartes. They didn’t share common equipment, or a look, there was no standardisation.

The ascension of an adolescent into an Astartes is fraught with danger, but in no other legion was the process so transformative. The aspirant would be joined to Sanguinius on a deeper level than the reordering of his genetics. The aspirant would manifest ‘virtues’ of Sanguinius, making him suitable for certain roles within the legion.

This Chaplain exhibits the Virtue of wrath – a dynamism bourne from the dreaded bloody vigor of the legion. The Blade of Perdition is a spear held aloft, ready to smite.

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