Blood Angel Praetor Commission

“Be bloody, bold and resolute”

10th Company Motto.

Creating custom characters for clients is one of the joys of my job. This is your envoy, a representation of yourself in-game, bestriding the nightmarish battlefields of the Warhammer universe.

This Blood Angel Praetor was part of a character set. Fingers crossed we get to add to the collection very soon. The basis for the conversion was Forge World’s Nathaniel Garro, with additional parts taken from Sigismund and the Dawnbreaker kits.

The crimson armour is framed with a cooler gold, accented with turquoise/green gems. The cooler tones help break up the sculpt and ground what can be quite garish tones in reality.

If you would like to learn more about how this miniature was painted there’s a full Blood Angel series already available via the Patreon as well as a Sanguinius Masterclass. Enjoy.

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