Imperial Fist Praetor. Commission.

“Mortals cannot win war with what is eternal.”

Unattributed. Terran Solar common phrase.

The brief: I want something brutal. I want a praetor to look like he’s in the middle of battle at the siege of Terra.

The challenge? How do you paint a yellow that is recognisably of the Fists, but is also battered and worn? There are a couple of strategies.

One is to build from a black base coat. The yellows will appear muddy and desaturated. It’s not an ideal way to paint yellow and you will struggle for coverage, but that’s the point. The yellow will struggle to stand out, miring it in unpleasing tones.

The second is to build the yellow from a basecoat of purple/pink with a white overcoat. Look at the colour wheel. What colour sits on the opposite end of the spectrum to yellow? By shading colours with the compliments, we add interest to the shadows without resorting to black.

This piece uses the free pdf guide with additional work with the brush to clarify the details of the sculpt. There will be a video tutorial for this guy in the Christmas advent calendar (yes, we’re doing another one this year.) Every day you will get a tutorial during December with a special Xmas exclusive!

The full 4K tutorial (with free PDF).
Miniature Painting Course Library.
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