How to Paint Necromunda: Tutorial Index

Welcome, Hivers, scummers, and Muties! Welcome to the tutorial bazaar.

When developing students through the online tuition program I always encourage them to buy a few Necromunda miniatures. Why? Because not only is the world evocative, full of artwork, stories, and drama, but it is also full of textures.

Do you want to develop your Blanchitsu skills? Convert a custom gang? Practice heavy rust and weathering effects? Do you have a desire to paint skin, tattoo’s, blood, and gore? It’s all here!

The below links gathers every single tutorial published to date. This section, like the game itself, is evolving. New content is added every quarter, but the skills you develop here apply across every discipline of miniature painting.


House Goliath

House Escher

Corpse Grinders

House Delaque

Necromunda Terrain

Dramatis Persona

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