Escher Death Maiden. Commission

It is as natural to die as it is to be born.

Francis Bacon.

The Death Maidens are reanimated gangers, resurrected through the hellish alchemy of the House of Blades.

It’s the time of pumpkin-spiced latte’s, walking through the leaves, and painting creepy miniatures. I normally paint a Curze around this time of year, but the Death Maidens are a wonderful stand in.

These miniatures stand in stark contrast to the previous Escher commissions we have completed in the past. They are desaturated, concentrating on a macabre palette. Look at the colour wheel. Go on, go grab one or pop one up on google.

Hold your finger over the blue. We’ve used an analogous color palette, using blues, turquoises and purples to concentrate the creepy aspects of the miniatures. White and black have been added to modulate these hues, and red blood splashed on for contrast. By using a limited palette you can create some interesting effects with your own miniatures.

A full tutorial for this piece is in the works (keep an eye on our tutorial section for news). that delves into these concepts a little more with sample paint recipes.

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