How to Paint Sons of Horus Masterclass Tutorial Course.

How to Paint Sons of Horus

This is the comprehensive learning resource for the Sons of Horus. This Masterclass takes you through everything from creating that perfect Sons of Horus Green to the Warmaster himself. Tanks, Infantry, Primarch, this course covers the lot.

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This Masterclass series covers:

  • The complete step by step of Horus Lupercal. From the Serpent Scales to the under-glow of his face, this is the definitive video series on how to paint your Warmaster.
  • How to create the perfect Justaerin black. Beaten, worn, battle-hardened veterans at the forefront of the Spear Tip.
  • 2 video guides on how to create YOUR perfect Sons of Horus green. These tutorials have been designed with the ethos of giving you the tools to decide your own colour recipes and the theory to decide what is best for you.
  • How to paint ‘Lords Bane’ – a beginner-friendly video for those getting to grips with Forge World modeling and larger vehicles. We cover simple weathering, colour modulation, adding decals, oils, and heat bloom.
  • BONUS VIDEO: MICRO CHIPPING. How to apply micro-abrasions to armour to tell the story of your miniature. The tools, the tips, and the techniques.

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