#returntoisstvan: Lucas Collett’s Sons of Horus

Lucas, take a bow! You’ve cranked out a wonderous Sons of Horus force for the challenge. Without further ado, speak!

I originally got into the hobby because I have a visual disability, and my physical therapist recommended that I get a hobby that was focused on close eye-work, but also tactile. I originally began with Blood Angels starter kits for 40k, but after Death of Hope first came out I converted them into a Heresy setting. 

I was looking to start a new legion after my 5k points of Blood Angels. I wanted to work on a traitor force, and this challenge caught my attention, as I am an avid listener of both the Age of Darkness podcast and Eye of Horus podcast.

My initial inspiration came from the Horus Heresy Black Book I. I wanted a veteran army that could hunt down loyalists cells, and this transitioned to an elite Pride of the Legion Zone Mortalis. Since I’m more drawn to the lore and painting aspect of the hobby, the Sons of Horus seemed like a breath of fresh air create a more grim, dirty scheme.

I’ve always thought that the Blood Angels and Sons of Horus were the two main players in the Heres,y especially the Seige of Terra. If Horus wasn’t the Warmaster, Sanguinius certainly would have been, and Horus believed that he was his only true rival. Since I have spent 3 years working on Blood Angels, I was interested in a change of pace.

Because of COVID I was furloughed from my job, and I took time off of college. I didn’t have as much money to allocate to the army as I would have liked, so I sorted through my leftover pieces from previous armies and made my own custom pieces. After figuring out what I had to work with, I painted the pieces I was most excited about first. Which ended up being a weapon master veteran squad in a variety of positions with different weapons.

Due to my eye disability, I can only paint for about 30 minutes to an hour a day. This made it a much slower pace than I would have liked, but I’m quite used to it by now. 

I think the strategy I used was to do a little bit every single day. Even if it is only a few minutes, it prevents you from leaving the army to sit for a long time.

I actually ended up using Myles’ color scheme from Patreon and only making a few small changes to suit my style. I didn’t use oil washes but instead opted for streaking grime for shading. This is enamel based and dries quickly than oil.

I am proud of having a full army painted at a standard I’m happy with, and I think this challenge motivated me to do this. Having a deadline and a formal structure really helped me power through.

Because I sorted through all of my bits boxes to make this army, I added a bunch of Death Guard bits to this army. Next, to bring the army further into the heresy I want to add a legion Esoterist with plague marines to act as the 16th legions Lupercii, and poxwalkers to act as lesser demons to enforce the Nurgle theme I would like to explore.

Thank you very much Lucas for writing this up! The future looks bright, and reading the inherent challenges he faced during the project gives me hope for everyone to create a thematic force!

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