Death Guard Leviathan Dreadnought Commission.

Deathguard Contemptor Dreadnought designation: ‘Hazard’.

The Deathguard Legion offers us the opportunity to really go nuts with weathering. We can crack out the weathering powders, oils, enamels and just go hell for leather destroying our pristine paint job. However, without knowing where to add these techniques, and in which order, a model can look drab, dirty, and worst yet; badly painted. 

The full tutorial course for the Deathguard is available by pressing the button above. Or you can find the full weathering masterclass below. Either way we cover every aspect of weathering a miniature, be it a dreadnought, tank, or infantry miniature.

I’d like to thank Fallout Hobbies for their wonderful biohazard decal set and sign. It is an absolutely gorgeous stencil. Easy to use and an absolute blessing for Deathguard armies. 

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