Cypher, Lord of the Fallen. Dark Angels Fallen Commission piece.

“Truth made you a traitor as it often does in a time of scoundrels.”

Lillian Hellman

Cypher, the enigmatic Lord of the Fallen, has been a figure of dread hope since his introduction into the lore. The original miniature blew me away when I first saw it in White Dwarf. The new plastic one took the original concept and improved it. Elegant, enigmatic and just downright cool.

A gunslinging monk super warrior carrying the brown sword of his dead father to the heart of mankind’s intergalactic empire? That’s so metal.

I wanted a monochromatic colour scheme, spiked with intense luminosity. A phrase crept into my mind as I worked:

A figure wreathed in shadow, crowned with flame.

The OSL (object source lighting) on the base allowed me to create a very dark colour scheme. You need the secondary colour source to define the underneath of the miniature, otherwise, it just looks unfinished.

Why not give this a try for yourself? Add a secondary light source to your miniature, even a soft wone to illuminate details of the miniature that would otherwise be lost in shadow.

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