Sculpting Masterclass Series.

I’m delighted to bring you the sculpting masterclass series. This series concentrates on the essential tools, techniques, and processes that I use to convert miniatures.

 This series is a living masterclass. Once the initial round of tutorials is done more will be added over time. Bookmark this page and follow us on social media to keep up to date with changes.

This tutorial series will cover:

  • Simple application and usage putty
  • The differences between putty brands
  • Essential tools
  • Gap filling
  • Converting
  • Fur
  • Parchment
  • Beards
  • Cloaks
  • Simple resculpting 
  • Basing
  • Leather pouches and belts

However, this list is by no means exhaustive. If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see sculpted please post them in the comments below and a video will be made.

Click on the image above to view the video.

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