Ultramarines Locutarus Assault Squad Commission

While the enemies of the Emperor still draw breath, there can be no peace.

Common Ultramar saying.

Regal, imperious, and dare I say it, a little arrogant – the Ultramarines of 30K are the ideal soldiers of Empire. Working on a commission like this is a demanding process. Not only do you need to be a competent conversion artist, but you also need the technical bite to polish the models to this degree. And you need to do this across an entire army! Exhausting – yes. Satisfying? Absolutely.

The Ultramarine armour needs to be polished. It needs lustre and depth. Overlapping layers of ink, white and turquoise blue is used to create an armour plate that is both dynamically lit and has depth.

The Locutarus were a specialised line breaker unit used as a rapid response force within the XIIIth legion. The turquoise blades harmonise well with the turquoise used to highlight the armour. Rich reds and red browns were used to help break up the sculpt with a dash of cool grey white to marry with the base.

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