Maloghurst the Twisted. Conversion Commission

the law to him / is like a…cobweb to a spider, / …to entangle those shall feed him

The Duchess of Melfi

The Twisted – one of the most compelling characters from the Horus Heresy series. Broken on campaign, Horus’ equerry needed to find gainful employment elsewhere. Devoting himself to the darker arts post-Isstvan, the Twisted became one of the driving forces of change within the legion.

This is my rendition of him. From the outset I was keen to emphasize the twisted nature of his body. The possessed Blade Slave has a painfully hunched appearance, making this perfect for the basis of a conversion. I wanted the armour to seem overgrown, padded out with additional machinery to keep him alive.

Unfortunately I won’t be painting this miniature, but I loved converting it so much that I’ve purchased the materials for another. No self-respecting Son of Horus player goes to war without a boatload of reavers after all!

The parts for this conversion are as follows:

Blade Slave Possessed.

Chaos Space Marines

Power Cables from Zinge Industries

Trench Base from Unreal Wargaming (10% discount if you are a Patreon member)

Miniature Painting Course Library.
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