Ultramarine Chaplain Dreadnought Commission

Some creatures are just too angry to die.


Forgeworld made a beautiful chaplain dreadnought once upon a time. It’s was the small box dread type, before Contemptors and larger chassis were the norm. I never got the chance to paint one, but I feel like I exorcised that particular regret with this piece.

This Dreadnought forms part of a much, much, larger Ultramarine force that is featured on this website. It’s taken nearly 3 years to complete and these posts are bittersweet. I’m happy that the work is complete – sad that the time is past and new projects beckon.

The Dreadnought was converted from several kits, including a Nightlord Contemptor head, a banner from the Custodes and the Ultramarine base dreadnought kit. Everything was filmed and will be made into a tutorial in the near future (health permitting). In the mean time, why not get really good at painting blue?

Full PDF tutorial with a foreword from The Fenrypian Forge
Miniature Painting Course Library.
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