Leman Russ, The Wolf King, The Executioner, Lord of Winter and War. Primarch Commission

The lion snorted. ‘You treat all as a game. That is why they sent for me – Malcador cannot trust you.’

Leman Russ Chris Wraight

I’ve been privileged to paint this miniature several times before. I had enough distance from the miniature to feel invigorated when this piece was commissioned. A colder palette is always my default when painting wolves – every surface is undercut with green to add interest to what can be quite a boring colour scheme. The only portion of the miniature that hasn’t got green accents is the sword.

But I couldn’t just consider this piece in isolation. It’s half of a scene and developing a colour key was essential for the balance. Using complementary colours to show the struggle of the characters through colour helped immensely.

Something I’m quite proud of is the fine fur lining his jawline. I microscopic detail that is so easily lost (enlarge the image!) The full process was filmed for Lil’Legend Patreon and can be found via the grand index (below) or here:

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