Horus Heresy Blood Angel Chaplain Amareo

Into this wild Abyss the wary Fiend/ Stood on the brink of Hell and looked a while,/ Pondering his voyage; for no narrow frith/ He had to cross. 

The Blind Poet. M.2.

The shadowed histories of the Age of Darkness hold many stories, many lives striving for humanity, or hold in contempt the principles of man. Recreating an accurate account of any such individuals is the impossible task of this humble scrivener. Yet strive we must, for these are our heroes, our defenders that threw the arch-fiend from the very battlements of Terra into the infinite abyss.

Two confirmed notations appear in our records. We have a transfer from the frigate Rhapsody Eternia to the Blood Angels flagship The Red Tear prior to the Edict of Nikea. The Blood Angels were well-known adherents to this Edict and one can surmise that Amaero would have undergone training for his new duties within the Legion.

Our second confirmed notation comes from the Hall of Remembrance at Mons Solar, for ‘Acts of Bravery in the face of the Enemy.’

Cryptically, there exists a Tower of Amaero on Baal, but how this connects to the historical figure we cannot guess but is here noted for completeness.

Witnesseser Artesius.

My third Blood Angel Chaplain for my personal Heresy force. This particular model had the honour to take the heads of 2 Traitor Praetot’s in personal combat. Blades of Perdition are wonderful things. I’ve painted him as if he is set on Terra, at the height of the seige. I imagine that the demonic influences concentrating on destroying Sanguinius would split the ground beneath him. The closer to the Angel you get, the more unstable the ground becomes.

Before you ask, the kit is based on the Red Scorpions command models from Forgeworld.

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