Magnus Vs. Leman Russ Diorama Commission.

Nothing lasts forever. Stars. Trees. Animals. People. Even the gods. Everything perishes in the end. The wolf will come and the Earth will burn.


This piece sits at the pinnacle of a miniature painting portfolio. It’s charged with emotion, is wonderfully textured and the combined sculpt creates something special.

Not only do you need to consider the individual details – the hair-fine lines of sculpting, the articulation of flame around the base of Magnus, and the placement of light and shadow – not only do you have to consider all this, but you also need to keep in your head the scene as a whole. 

It’s a mental trick you have to play. The vague fuzziness of a general colour palette that’s easily recognizably from afar, but also the micro details appreciably to an attentive viewer. 

Choosing a colour key will help break visualise the project as a whole. Magnus the Red is a study in Crimson, combining magenta, orange and of course, red, to create a coherent colour palette. Russ sits on the opposite side of the spectrum, using green and green turquoise to underpin his scheme.

The full process of painting this piece was captured in glorious 4K and can be found under the $15 pleade on Patreon.

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