Contact with alien races always renews one’s faith in humanity. It is my belief that foreign travel narrows the mind wonderfully.

Codex Imperialis 2nd edition.

The threat of the Genestealer stalks our galaxy, the creeping doom dragged from the deep void. Mankind’s dealing without species in the galaxy have not ended well, and our first contact with intergalactic life may seal the doom of all.

God damn Genestealers are terrifying. An all-devouring force, completely alien to anything we have encountered before. The scheme aimed to reflect this otherworldliness. The skin was painted in pallid purples and browns, with oil used on the craniums to give a see-through effect. Sort of like looking through a jellyfish. This translucent quality was contrasted with the stark black/ purple carapace.

There will be a full video tutorial on the entire Space Hulk set. Coming soon (or up already in the grand index depending on when you read it)

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