Tarik Torgeddon, Captain of Second Company Sons of Horus.

Tarik Torgeddon

“…ever the Jokster, he was a man of mighty laughter and idiot tricks…”

Horus Rising, Dan Abnett.

What is it about Sons of Horus collectors and the Mournival? My aim was to paint a tightly focussed force of veterans to flank Abaddon. But no, the Sons of Horus had to be packed full of characters I had to recreate! Tarik Torgeddon was the Captain of the 2nd Company of Luna Wolves and later the Sons of Horus. Known for his wry humour and cutting sarcasm, Tarik was an effective leader, prosecuting the crusade relentlessly at the head of the apex legion.

This character met his end on Isstvan III, cut down by his brother Horus Aximand. A sad end for such a pivotal figure in the Legion. With our recreation of the Isstvan campaign, I knew I wanted a Torgeddon to play in a duel scenario. This miniature was thrown together thanks to my extensive bits box collection. Hoarding isn’t a mental condition kids, it keeps useful bits for later use.

The miniature consists of:

  • Raldoron’s body.
  • Blood Angel Praetor shoulder pads.
  • Abaddon (30K) sword.
  • Garro’s power generator and cloak.
  • Lugft Huron’s head.
  • Palatine blade helmet.
  • Sculpted fur cloak using THIS TUTORIAL

The armour was painted in the classic Sons Scheme developed to mimic the artwork found in the black books (tutorial can be found in the masterclass) with the skin tone used in the Abaddon tutorial (I’m tentatively calling this Grim Dark skin). There are no official rules fo the miniature, but the guys down under have created a fun fan-made rules set. Even though the rules state axe, I’m using a sword. Historical inaccuracy, unreliable narrator, etc.

And that’s Tarik. There are plans to create all members of the Mournival at the outset of the Heresy and beyond. In fact, I’ve been working with a rather talented sculptor to create Aximand. It’s all hush-hush for now, but it will blow your tits off when you see it.

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