HORUS HERESY Sanguinius, Lord of Angels. Commission piece.

How many Sanguinius’ have you painted now?

The internet. To me.

929393939300001 Sanguinius in my ongoing crusade to paint up a legion of Primarchs for clients! I’m glad that I’m so enthusiastic about this sculpt – if I spent the rest of my career refining my skills on this model again and again and again – I’d be satisfied.

Well, maybe not. The tragedy is that I haven’t completed my own Sanguinus yet. I feel like I’ve entered a Faustian bargain: to paint a legion of Angels, but be denied one for myself.

Christmas. I’ve said this three years in a row but this Xmas I’ve booked the month off and by golly I WILL finish my own. Just in time for the new edition.

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