Jenetia Krole, The Soulless Queen, Anathema’s Daughter.

We are not to be remebered by history. We are to shape it.


I have waxed lyrical about this miniature many times, but it’s worth repeated yet again – this is one of the finest pieces GW has ever produced and is one of the finest sculpts in its scale. The level of detail, of craft it took to create this piece boggles the mind.

This was an important piece for me, as I have had several breakthrough moments. Firstly, that black armour can be just as expressive and contain as many colour nuances as any other surface. That was a big one for me, considering I paint so much black in my day-to-day profession.

Secondly was to treat each surface as if it were the main focus. It is a test of patience, but to develop as an artist, I needed to add an extra level of polish to each piece of the sculpt to elevate the whole.

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