HORUS HERESY. World Eater Spartan Commission.

Primarch! General! Your warriors were eaters of cities, lord, but with you to command us the War Hounds will be eaters of worlds!

World Eaters. World Eaters. So shall you be, then, little brothers? Come with me, then, World Eaters.

-Captain Dreagher of the War Hounds legion and Angron, their Primarch

This is an update post, protecting over old work from the previous website. I’m rather proud of this tank as, from the side, could almost be mistaken for a piece of Forgeworld colour art. This piece uses techniques learned on the tank painting 2 courses.

If you were interested in painting this, we have a full course on tanks available via the Patreon. We also host regular weekend classes throughout the year – check our store for details.

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