HORUS HERESY: Imperial Fists Praetor Commission.

There is only one way to see, and that is through the knowldge of one’s own eyes.

Rogal Dorn

One of the best miniatures to emerge for the Heresy, this is a masterclass in form, movement, and poise. It’s full of wonderful little details for the painter to luxuriate on and will no doubt become a fan favourite, with many conversions popping up already!

The model was painted at Terra. The armour is dented, torn but still retains the dignity of the Emperor’s Praetorians. Building up layers of paint and varnish helps with the chipping as you can carefully roll a scalpel over the armour to create realistic dents and tears.

Yellow is a wonderful colour to use, as you can warm it up or cool it down without losing colour fidelity.

If you would like to learn how to paint this miniature part 1 is already up on the Patreon. We’re painfully aware that not everyone can make the weekend courses, so let us bring them to you! This video is an attempt to offer a simple to apply the methodology to painting your miniatures to a high standard. This Praetor is part of Army Painting 2: Characters, and is suitable for intermediate level miniature painters.


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