HORUS HERESY: Terminator Praetor.

My armour is contempt,

My shield is disgust,

My sword is hatred

Imperial Litany.

The first thing you normally get asked when you have this miniature: How big is he really?

He’s bigger than regular terminators. He’s upscaled. But he’s not lost your mind, internet hyperbole is bigger.

Now that’s out of the way let’s talk about something more interesting, like the model itself! It’s divine. The proportions are really nice, the detail is crisp and it doesn’t feel overburdened. It is that rare breed of Space Marine with enough negative space to create nice blends, while still loading it with fists. The movement of the miniature was something I wanted to capitalize on, using the shield as a focal point and dashing blood across it. The verdigris playoff against the red cross and splash of blood.


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