Greebo Games Lizardmen Blood Bowl Commission. This is a HUGE chunk of metal. I could seriously injure my opponent if things weren’t going my way by wielding this as a bludgeon.

And it’s not a bad mini to boot.

Recently I put up a poll on Instagram looking for miniature companies that weren’t GW. Greebo Games were mentioned a lot, and with good reason. The sculpts are dynamic, full of detail and excellent value for money. They don’t make the initial list as I’ve done a commission this past year showcasing their Lizardmen team.

The miniatures were painted using Mathew Kane’s ALPHAIRUS TUTORIAL using magenta as the basis for the turquoise. Crazy I know, but it works! The larger scale meant I could transition from magenta all the way to yellow without confusing the eye. The decapitated dwarf is just eh icing on the cake. Blood Bowl is a rough game after all.

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