Death Korps of Krieg Bust.

Death Korps of Krieg Bust

In the trenches we live.

In the trenches we die.

Krieg Guardsmen common saying.

The Krieg are a bleak lot. This bust has been floating around forever and a friend printed one out for me to have a crack at. Even though I’ve painted a few, Bust painting still feels very new to me. The different scale has it’s own demands – larger brush strokes, bolder transitions, and thinking about multiple light sources to give a more interesting overall appearance.

Adding texture is another big hurdle. The larger scale allows you to do things with fraying leather, patterning wool, chipping nonmetallic metal, and the material used for the sleeping bag.

This entire piece was an exercise in texture. How far could I push it to give the impression of wool, or leather, or the ceramite of the helmet? Looking at the photos I think I could have pushed the variation of tone much more. This was a nice safe bust to practice these techniques on, as I’m used to painting in this grimdark, realistic style. This was all filmed and forms part of the texture courses via the patreon.

For the next piece, I’d like to break into something more fantastical and try my hand at something more colorful. Any suggestions on what I should paint?

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