A Dream of Midnight. House Delaque Nacht-Ghul Assassins Commission.

House Delaque Nacht Ghul Assassin

The faceless killers of House Delaque, the Nacht-Ghul is an abomination of shadow and the will of the Psychoterica.

This is the first of the House Delaque commission that will be showcased this week. I have a soft spot for Necromunda, striving as I am to paint every miniature released from the range, and collect every gang. They are a miniature painter’s paradise. Chock full of textures to explore, lore to craft conversions, and visuals ranging from Cyber Punk to the Wild West.

This Delaque colour scheme came about from an experiment with Zardu Lyak and highlighting black with purple tones. I wanted textured cloaks, swathed in midnight hues. Purple, greens, blues, all are washed into the recesses of the cloak and used to create interesting highlights.

It’s worth enlarging the photos to see a few of those minute details.

This page was a wonderful resource of ideas in the creation of the colour palette. You can detect trends in what other artists were creating. The emphasis on cool colours and neon lights played their part in the creation of the Dream of Midnight.

Placing these models on a background brings to life certain elements in my painting. Because I have an idea of setting when creating the lighting sources, these details only exist in my head. By photographing them on a background those effects take on a greater significance on the piece. Necromunda is a character in itself and representing it in these photographs adds dimensions that has been lacking.

Why the name? Well, make sure you come back for our next article.

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