Sons of Horus Praetor Preview. HORUS HERESY

Sons of Horus Praetor preview! WE have the full parts broken down in this article.

You’re not going to read this, are you? You’re just jumping to the photos, saving them, and reposting them on Insta.

I know how this game works. But before you do…


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The torso – etched with Cthonian runes and emblazoned with the Eye of Horus, I’m thankful that this piece has a separate head portion. I love customizing my miniatures, and having this empty portion is a godsend. The inner cabling is a really nice touch if your chosen head doesn’t quite cover the entire recess. Come to think of it, you can even use this on normal Justaerin legs, making this piece great for easy conversions.


Legs that go ALLLLL the way up. Molecular bonding studs are a nice tie-in with Forge World’s Abaddon Sculpt as well as the hip shields. I really appreciated the curve on the end of the eyes on either side of the knee pad. It’s a classic flourish dating back to the Index Astartes series printed in White Dwarf. Cthonian runic etch is a nice detail on the negative space on the shin guards. A nice detail, without crowding the sculpt.

Cloak and Fur

I’m a huge lover of fur on miniatures and this cloak holds up. And it’s modular! Which means you can choose to have it on the miniature, or not. You could attach a Justaerin shoulder pad instead and use the cloak and fur on another piece, or toss them into the bits box. The skills are well detailed, and you will be seeing a fair few of them on this champion of the gods.

The cloak comes with an embellished Eye of Horus, that looks easy enough to scrape away if you wanted to apply a decal or freehand.


This miniature is chock full of runic etching, skulls, symbols, without feeling clustered. I was surprised to see a back banner, and hope they make a return. Although I would recommend pinning the banner. I had several accidents painting this miniature, snapping the top knot and banner.

Let’s take a look at a size comparison.

The Imperial Fist Terminator feels like an oddity when compared to other more recent releases. The Sons of Horus Terminator Praetor fits alongside the existing range splendidly. It is slightly larger than Abaddon, but not absurdly so.

You can also see it placed alongside Zardu Lyak, which is a miniature this is quite large when compared to the MKIV armour marks. I don’t know why there wasn’t the same outcry of ‘scale creep’ when Zardu was released like there was with the Imperial Fist Praetors.

The Primaris is an interesting comparison as it does fit roughly in scale when the base toppers are removed.

This sculpt is awesome. It’s domineering, prideful, confident, imbued with power. I’ve included a few serving suggestions down below for possible conversions. Adding Forge World’s Abaddon head would make a wonderful Faulkus Kibre. Adding Sevatar’s head would make an excellent Sons of Horus Praetor.

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