How to paint: Justearin Terminator Lord.

Just how do you paint Justaerin? Welcome to this full how to paint Justaerin Terminator Lord tutorial. From painting black armour to creating a brutal mace head and fire embers on the base – we cover the lot. This miniature is a domineering, inspiring figure of dread, perfect to lead your warriors on the nightmare battles grounds of the 31st Millenium…and beyond.

This video is perfect for those who wish to create a character piece to lead a force. We showcase advanced techniques such as OSL, microchipping and colour composition. This series is recommended for advanced students – but it is chock full of smaller segments that can be used in isolation to develop your art. 

How to paint: Justearin Terminator Lord course includes:

  • 2 video tutorials that cover every brush stroke.
  • OSL and colour composition.
  • Painting black armour.
  • Creating embers for basing.
  • TMM Mace Head.
  • Blood splatter.
  • Painting realistic TMM bronze.
  • Micro scratches for leather and silver.
  • Are you a Black Legion player – this is an awesome tutorial for you.

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Justaerin Terminator lords led the elite first company of the Sons of Horus. The tip of the spear, led by Ezekyle Abaddon these fanatical warriors, were led by the most ruthless of their kin.

Creating a Monster.

This miniature is a playground of textures. When I develop a project, I send WIP’s to a trusted advisor (you know who you are) and our conversation helped evolve the paint scheme. I’ve cleaned up the notes for you to read below!

Skulls on the battlefield are a little bit of a bugbear. Bone isn’t the most robust material in the world (like marble) and wouldn’t last two minutes. However, if  I used my usual trick of dipping them in bronze, they would get lost amidst all the trim.

And speaking of getting lost, a lot of the model naturally falls into deep shadow. I needed a secondary light source to expose all these nice details. The skulls have red underlighting as well from the embers on the base. So I can show off more detail that would otherwise be plunged into shadow. These embers are a really neat trick to create a secondary light source easily and add another colour nuance.

There is a LOT of bronze for this miniature. Silver was used on the WWE style blet all Chaos Lords seem to love it. Silver not only breaks up the model but adds a visual link to the Luna wolves heritage. There’s also a whole thing with silver and the moon, but it’s a vast subject better suited for a palm reader to elucidate.


Scratches. Ohhhh boy are there lots of scratches! I like to push the detail of a miniature to an extreme and use glazes to temper them. This adds to the grit to the painting, the dirt beneath the fingernails, but adds visual noise. With a model this loaded with detail, I didn’t want to add more distortion to the shapes. Broken Toad’s Spearhead series was indispensable when it came to developing these details.

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These brushes helped create different scratches from the armour and the leather. And different corrosion effects on the silver to the bronze. Scratches. All of them. The tutorial series of scratching yourself.




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