Legio Atarus Warlord Titan – The Waste Land.

Legio Atarus Warlord Titan

Legio Atarus Warlord Titan. One of the most devastating weapons in the arsenal of the Mechanicum the Waste Land bestrides Terra.

Legio Atarus Warlord Titan is one of the more challenging kits from the Titanicus range. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into a Warmaster Titan for the Legio Praesagius. Marble and metallics waxes have become the norm in Titan painting circles, and it was something I was keen to avoid for these models. The main challenge was the large expanses of colour that would be devoid of decals.

To combat this, stippling with oils was applied to the armour panels, giving the impression of dust and dirt built up of over the surfaces. The weaponry and head come from Battle Bling with a base lovingly crafted by Mike French.

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