How to Paint Delaque Full Tutorial

How to paint Delaque

How to Paint Delaque by Lil’Legend Studio.

Whispers in the dark, dreamers of melancholic shade, the House of Delaque is one founded on silence and lies. A Dream of Midnight are a clade of assassins, saboteurs, and truth keepers for the many sins of the powerful. 

This page hosts the complete guide on how to paint ‘A Dream of Midnight’.  This is a living document and will be updated with any House Delaque tutorials produced in the future.  When you sign up, you not only gain access to this tutorial, but ALL Necromunda tutorials linked here.

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How to Paint Delaque tutorial includes:

  • A full 4K video tutorial on how to paint ‘A Dream of Mightnight’.
  • Instruction on how to paint the unsettling skin tone of House Delaque.
  • How to paint the battered leather effects on the cloak.
  • Inspiration on colour scheme and instruction on how to choose your own palette for your gang.
  • Once you access this tutorial EVERY SINGLE NECROMUNDA TUTORIAL PRODUCED is yours to enjoy.

Enjoy this free Necromunda Tutorial to whet that hobby whistle. 

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