A Dream of Midnight. House Delaque Piscean Spektor

Delaque Piscean Spektor.

House Delaque Piscean Spektor Commission
House Delaque Piscean Spektor

Rumored to be the bastard child of Delaque’s Xenos alliance, Psychoteric Wyrms enable House Delaque to not only scar the flesh but also your dreams.

These hunters in the dark are ancient Piscean warriors. Through alchemical processes that fray the boundary between life and true death, the warrior is reincarnated as a mechanical terror, stalking the shadows of the Hive.

How creepy are these things? The moment I saw them I knew I had to tackle them with a dark, sodden scheme. I wanted a dark glass appearance to the shell, with hints of rust on the edges. Cthulu visual imagery played a big part in the creation of the scheme, so overlapping green and purple clear paint semed natural. However, this all got swallowed up by the black ink stage!

oh well…

The rust effect was quite easy to create, with MIG ‘s Oil Brusher – simply thin the paint with your preferred oil thining medium and feed it into the recesses. And voila! Instant grime. And given how downtrodden Taff Sump (our little part of Necromunda) is, weathering is a must. In fact, you can see a common heritage of modeling techniques between the Heresy and Necromunda communities. Oils, weathering, lighting effects – techniques that ground this fantasy universe squarely in mud, grime and blood.

We are indulging all this week in looking at the sinister Delaque and the various life forms of Necromunda society.

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