Unboxing: Jaghatai Khan Primarch of the White Scars

Unboxing: Jaghatai Khan Primarch of the White Scars.

The last of the Primarchs is with us! A time for joy, but it feels bittersweet. We’ve come to the end of something. The Primarch series is a masterpiece – each reflecting a different aspect of the Warhammer lore. From the graceful to the barbaric, we finally have the full collection, 10 years on from the original release of Angron.

Let’s take a look at the last of the Primarchs.

Unboxing: Jaghatai Khan Primarch of the White Scars.


Full of exquisite details, filigree, and fur, this is a painter’s wet dream. I try to impress on students the importance of choosing the right project to develop their skills. The fur, skin, armour, and filigree make this a challenging piece. The casting key on the top of the backpack did cause some consternation, but it is completely covered up by the back of the Khan’s cloak. Don’t freak out as I did on video!

Jaghatai Khan Unboxing

Undoubtedly, these are my favorite calves in the Heresy, even Henry the VIII would be jealous of them.

Can you see the Easter Egg? This model is chock full of them. Look at the corpse’s right leg – the three boils, sitting fatly on his shin? I’ll leave you to find the rest.

Simon Egan has really done a fine job with this sculpt. Although it doesn’t capture the speed of the character (we’re still waiting for the jetbike version), it certainly captures the grandeur. The armour is well-formed, meticulously detailed, and comes with enough negative space for a painter to enjoy. Until reading the White Scar’s arc by Chris Wright, I didn’t appreciate the stoicism of the legion. They preserved their soul, keeping the essence of their Chogorian lineage through the sacrifice of [REDACTED]. The sculpt and pose capture that aspect of the great Khan. And I can’t wait to paint it!

Of course, there will be a full tutorial on how to paint the Khan, to accompany the masterclass series of Sanguinius, The Lion, Horus and more for $15 (10% saving with an annual subscription).

Now, the real question is…what are the top 5 Primarch sculpts?

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