Sisters of Battle Imagifier Showcase

Sisters of Battle

Sisters of Battle Imagifier, commission piece.

This is the start of a whole raft of sisters of battle content hitting the website. Since release, I’ve been dying to paint up my version of the Sisters built around the idea of a crusading force. And I’ve been dying to paint this Sisters of Battle Imagifier.

40k is dark, oppressive and in a lot of fundamental ways, does not make any sense. Institutions act out mills are old traditions with no sense as to why.

It’s always been done that way.

The Sisterhood of the Martyred Saint is a conservationist ideal – entrusted with holy relics to tour the bleeding edge of the imperial crusade. They take the Emperor’s most valuable bibelots to the men and women of the Astra Militarum, traveling to the worst war zones, where Imperial dominance is crumbling.

That’s the frame. A fanatical sisterhood of conformers, taking relics to crumbling war zones, in hope of inspiring resistance. What could be more 40k than that?

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